Safar Ali Akanda

Safar Ali Akanda, Ph.D. born at Netrokona was educated at Dhaka and Denver (USA). An activist during the language movement 1948-52 he attended the Grand National Convention at Dhaka in November 1950. Dr. Akanda took up teaching as a career at Dhaka University in 1954 and moved to Rajshahi University in 1955. He was a participant in the Liberation War of Bangladesh, 1971. During the war, he was the appointed Director, Bangladesh Volunteer Service Corps under Mujibnagar Government during May-October, 1971.

He was Professor in History, Rajshahi University and Joint/Acting Director, Institute of Bangladesh Studies, Rajshahi University till 1976. He was a Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellow atSOAS  and Director, Institute of Bangladesh Studies.

Among the important publications are: The Journal of the Institute of Bangladesh Studies, Vols. I-VI; 1976-83; Studies in Modern Bengal (edited), 1981; The District of Rajshahi: Its Past and Present (edited), 1983; Bangalir Atmaparichay (The Self-Identity of the Bengalis), edited, 1991.

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