Afia Dil

Afia Dii was born in Dhaka. She received her B.A. Honours and M. A. degrees in English Literature from the University of Dhaka and Master’s in English and Applied Linguistics from University of Michigan and Ph.D. in Linguistics from Stanford University. She, was Professor and Chairperson of English Department at Eden Girls College, Dhaka for several years. She has taught in various colleges and universities in the United States. At present she is Professor Emeritus at Alliant (former U.S.) International University, San Diego, California. Apart from several books and research papers in Bangla and English she has translated Syed Waliullah’s Taranga Bhanga, which was published by the Bangla Academy as The Breakers. With Anwar Dil she has co-authored 740 page book, Bengali Language Movement to Bangladesh (2000), hailed as the most judicious research work on the creation of Bangladesh as a nation-state.

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